Bardya Pictures Ltd.

A Canada-Based Film Production Company

Focused On Indie Films

Bardya Pictures Ltd. is a film production company founded by entrepreneur Bardya Ziaian in 2020. Bardya Pictures has continued to forge ahead and grow its stellar team of filmmakers. The against-the-grain attitude is what has kept the morale and spirits of this production company not only afloat, but flourishing.

Passionate Films Made by Passionate People

The nonconformist way of thinking is what differentiates Bardya Pictures Ltd. Over the last two years, the company produced its first film, “Super Dicks”, an innovative and daring comedy. Although the film is playful and has no shortage of laughs, it did not come without its challenges. There is always knowledge in adversity. With the undeviating support of the dedicated filmmakers and actors working on this project, put together by Bardya, they were successful in seeing the bittersweet end come to.

A Team Willing to Embrace New Ideas

Ziaian’s vision for Bardya Pictures includes creating a dynamic and adaptable team that will act out of intent and with purpose. Creating films that entertain as well as motivate the audience. With the excitement of new projects Bardya Pictures paves the way with creative avenues toward the craft of filmmaking. Super Dicks isn’t just a bold title, but a bold beginning of an adventurous journey. This film sets a precedent for such an affluent future of filmmaking by Bardya Pictures.

“Bardya Pictures Ltd. is where my passion lies. We are able to overcome challenges and resonating content, thanks to an incredible team. Bardya Pictures will continue to present content with unique perspectives that bring people together.”

Bardya Ziaian

Founder of Bardya Pictures

“We’ve got some really great scripts and some fabulous actors on all three of our current film projects. I’m honoured to work with Bardya and looking forward to starting shooting on our latest project.”

Damian Lee

Director and Executive Producer on “Golden Boy.”