In September 2022, Bardya Pictures Ltd. announced that it would begin production on its second feature comedy film, “Golden Boy.”

“Golden Boy” is following the first feature comedy film, “Super Dicks”, which began production during the height of the pandemic. Bardya Ziaian also launched his production company during the pandemic, providing much-needed job opportunities for those in the film industry. 

The making of the socially challenging comedy came with its challenges, but Bardya Ziaian and his team weren’t dissuaded. It took a lot of out-of-the-box thinking and incredible passion for film, making the production of the film an overall success. 

“Filming during the pandemic while trying to build a new studio from the ground up hasn’t been easy,” said Badya during an interview. “But we’ve been able to gather together such a talented team of actors and filmmakers to forge ahead despite the many setbacks along the way. And now we can officially announce the second film in production, “Golden Boy,” which all of us are very excited about.”

This time, Bardya is joined by veteran director and producer Damian Lee, who was assigned as the director and executive producer for the “Golden Boy” project. “While most of the details of the movie are still under wraps, I can say that we’ve been lucky enough to find a stellar cast and already have a very funny script that I think is going to resonate with a lot of people,” Lee said.

Currently, a release date has not been set for the film.