During the height of the pandemic, many industries were forced to close their doors, some indefinitely. That meant filming had to stop for many television shows and films, putting many actors and film teams out of work.

However, it was during this time that the industry took a hard left turn toward a new and reliable source of entertainment: streaming services. Online platforms like Netflix and Disney+ offered a myriad of films and television shows to keep the mind occupied, exactly when many people needed it most.

At the same time, independent developers continued to follow their dreams — while providing much-needed work to the industry’s many out-of-work professionals.

Bardya Ziaian was one of the filmmakers working behind the scenes to not only provide much-needed laughter to audiences, but also valuable jobs to those working in the film industry.

Bardya always wanted to be a storyteller. He believes strongly that if you want something, you have to commit everything to making it happen. For Bardya, being a professional in the fintech (financial technology) industry and having no prior film experience didn’t stop him from pursuing a dream. Neither did the pandemic.

It was during that difficult time that Bardya and his team began filming his first feature film. The filmmaker and cowriter of the comedy thriller “Super Dicks” started shooting the feature when COVID-19 had already changed the world.

Bardya wasn’t just dealing with the steep learning curve of producing his first feature film — he also faced the challenges of taking on such a big project with quarantine limitations. This included social distancing and the potential of getting sick. However, the risk was worth the reward for him. The film’s production provided jobs for many talented theater professionals who desperately needed the work, and perhaps, like so many of us, a reason to get out the door in the morning.

The film’s team consisted of actors including Paul Braunstein, Michael Man, Jennifer Hui, Greg Bryk, and Keara Graves.

The production team consisted of trusted people that Bardya had personally worked with during his time working in the fintech industry.

Bardya had no prior experience with filmmaking, though he knew how to lead. He had already worked as the President and CEO of Pario Technologies Corp., and the founder of BBS Securities Inc. and Virtual Brokers. Currently, he is the CEO and President of SITTU Group Inc. and founder of Bardya Pictures Ltd.

Despite not having industry connections, Bardya and his team of talented professionals were able to work together to create a thrilling comedy. 

“Super Dicks”

Bardya calls “Super Dicks” a comedy thriller. It also offers heavier, cultural undertones meant to provide the audience with a deeper perspective.

Bardya didn’t simply want to produce something that was funny, but a film that was also intelligent and thought-provoking. Given the circumstances the film was produced under, Bardya hoped his film would provide a little relief during uncertain times.

Despite his lack of experience, Bardya produced a film he and his team are proud of. They remain incredibly excited for audiences to see the film, and hopefully enjoy a brief but hilarious respite from the world’s problems.