A film producer, writer, and actor, Bardya Ziaian is bringing laughter to audiences with his indie film, “Super Dicks.”

What some may not know about this film producer is that he has decades of experience in the world of finance. He’s been the president and CEO of Pario Technologies Corp, founder of BBS Securities Inc. and Virtual Brokers, and is currently the CEO and President of SITTU Group Inc.

However, Bardya Ziaian always wanted to tell stories and made the decision to bring those stories to the big screen. His premiere film, Super Dicks, is classified as a comedy that also highlights heavier cultural undertones to really get the audience thinking deeper.

Super Dicks offers a creative cast featuring Kim Coates, Marie Avgeropoulos, Ambyr Childer, and Michael Ironside. Bardya Ziaian even makes a guest appearance.

Film research and script development began pre-COVID. The pandemic didn’t stop the pace of the film and provided jobs for people who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to work in their respective industries.

Filmmaking was certainly a new venture for Bardya Ziaian, especially considering he had no previous experience. However, his two decades of experience as a leading player in the financial world gave him the edge to create something great.

His team consisted of scriptwriters, financial accountants, and project managers in-house.

Bardya Ziaian’s desire to learn more and invest in himself lead to the creation of this unique indie film. Super Dicks is set to bring laughter to a world that, now in post-pandemic times, really needs a good laugh and a thought-provoking story.